Current Projects

Impact Analysis

  • Conducting Impact Evaluation and provide Outcome Analysis Frameworks
  • Collaborating with funders and scientists to publish information demonstrating the value of impact evaluation

Capacity Development

  • Coordinating a 2016 wildlife veterinary capacity development workshop for wildlife project staff in partnership with veterinary experts and organizations.
  • Designing “Don’t buy wildlife” brochures for dissemination
  • Developing technical guide for care of species commonly confiscated from illegal wildlife trades
  • Providing coaching on conservation and welfare issues to evaluation applicant organizations
  • Developing capacity development programs that meet the needs of evaluation applicant organizations
  • Administering scientific committee providing methodology reviews and technical expertise as a service to great ape and gibbon reintroduction projects.
  • Raising public awareness on reintroduction costs, benefits and best practices
  • Working with the reintroduction practitioners, conservation organizations and scientific community to form monkey and prosimian reintroduction committees.

Policy and Advocacy

  • Partnering with Species Survival Network and others to encourage improved CITES Secretariat oversight and monitoring of great ape illegal trade issues, and improve application of the convention with regard to bushmeat and disposition of confiscated animals.
  • Promote improved data collection and monitoring of illegal trade in wildlife species, and facilitate sharing of data with CITES.
  • Provide exposure and advocacy for projects achieving success in wildlife conservation and welfare through social media and website.