Iconic species like gorillas, orangutans and tigers are at risk of extinction. Without effective conservation action and application of legal protections, these beloved animals and others may be lost to illegal trade, poaching and habitat destruction.

Give today to help Wildlife Impact improve conservation and welfare outcomes for wildlife species across the developing world.

Mail check donations to Wildlife Impact, PO Box 31062, Portland, Oregon 97231. Please make checks payable to Wildlife Impact.

Here’s how your gift can make a difference:

  • $50 Design “Don’t buy wildlife” brochures
  • $100 Print technical guide for care of species commonly confiscated from illegal wildlife trades
  • $300 Provide mentoring for individual or organization on a conservation or welfare issue
  • $1000 Scholarship for local community member attendance at capacity development workshop
  • $2500 Expert review and evaluation of a wildlife project’s impacts

Wildlife Impact is a nonprofit organization (EIN 47-4310479). Your donations make our work to protect wildlife and natural habitats possible. Eighty-five cents of every dollar goes to support programs to improve the conservation and welfare of wildlife in developing countries.