Impact Evaluation

Why do we need evaluation?

“Despite a critical need for empirical evidence, conservation science has been slow to adopt these impact evaluation designs.”
Baylis et al., 2015

Wildlife Impact addresses the need for evaluation by conducting independent evidence-based analyses of the conservation and welfare impacts of projects in developing countries. We provide individuals and organizations with the valuable strategic planning tools, capacity development and support systems they need to evaluate impacts, guide application of best practices, and improve success. Along with regular review of Wildlife Impact’s operations and reporting on conservation results across our networks, these services will support learning and improve transparency and accountability of conservation actions and investment.

Our Impact Evaluation Program
Wildlife Impact offers various levels of analysis dependent on the needs of the applicant and availability of relevant data. Indicators and measurements are based on best practice evaluation criteria including Open Standards for Conservation and other emerging systems.

Initial Review

  • Initial high-level review is conducted to determine if additional strategic planning help is needed or if an impact analysis can proceed.
  • The cost of this initial review depends on the scope of the project or organization. This amount is applied to the full Impact Evaluation fee if the applicant moves forward with one.
  • If insufficient data exists to conduct a full impact analysis, or if the applicant would prefer to have only the outcomes analysis framework done, the fee is non-refundable but can be applied towards full analysis fees within a two year period. Where a lack of strategic planning is cited as a key gap, WI can provide planning services that the Initial Review fee can be applied to in lieu of a full Impact Evaluation.

Outcome Analysis Framework

  • Outcome Analysis Frameworks help projects determine what data are needed to assess impacts. The Framework results include specific indicators needed to determine outcomes for the project in question, and details on the data required to assess these indicators.

Full Impact Evaluation

  • A full Impact Evaluation results in a comprehensive document synthesizing outcomes of the project, assigning an overall grade for the project as a whole and each outcome category, as well as detailing successes and challenges and specific steps that can improve outcomes.


  • Benefits including outreach/promotion to funders and the public, and scholarships for capacity development are available as funding permits for two years following each analysis.
  • A projects’ specific needs will be highlighted to funders and the public on Wildlife Impact’s website.

Rates for Impact Evaluation

Evaluation fees defray some of the evaluation costs. Fees are on a sliding scale determined by an applicant’s previous fiscal year total expenditures and the scope of the project or organization. All fees are non-refundable. Applicant pays all costs for the evaluator’s travel and food/lodging on site. Every effort is made to minimize travel costs. There are no membership or annual dues. Wildlife Impact will provide assistance for applicants to pursue grant funding to cover the evaluation costs. Wildlife Impact is developing a fund for projects with small budgets to apply for needs-based grants to cover some or all the costs of Impact Evaluation or an Outcome Analysis Framework. Please contact us at for prices.