What We Do

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Wildlife Impact is addressing the essential need for outcome evaluation by conducting independent evidence-based assessment of conservation and welfare impacts for projects and organizations working in developing countries. We provide valuable strategic planning tools, capacity development and support systems that organizations and individuals need to evaluate impacts, guide application of best practices, and improve success. Along with regular reviews of Wildlife Impact’s operations and reporting on conservation results across our networks, these services will support learning and improve transparency and accountability of conservation actions and investment.

Wildlife Impact collaborates with stakeholders and scientists to advocate for better application of wildlife conservation and welfare policies. Such policy work is vital to ensure that conservation efforts across developing nations are backed by enforceable legal protections for wildlife and natural habitats. We help raise public awareness of effective conservation projects and organizations in developing countries. Our expertise in coordinating among diverse interests helps facilitate collaborative action and foster development of conservation solutions.

Wildlife Impact is unique because:

  • nvFkrM6_240We provide impact evaluation and strategic planning coupled with support and capacity development across a range of wildlife conservation and welfare issues;
  • Our evaluation and capacity development programs are complemented by policy work to advocate for laws and policies that support long term conservation success on the ground;
  • We focus on small to medium sized organizations in developing countries that often lack the resources needed to systematically assess the outcomes of their work;
  • We build local community capacity for conservation by providing support and services to individuals working on conservation projects in regions where access to resources for wildlife conservation and welfare are often lacking.

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Impact Analysis

Wildlife Impact offers evidence-based analysis of projects to improve wildlife conservation and welfare outcomes in developing countries. We use best practice methods including the Open Standards for Conservation. We help projects build capacity to evaluate and adaptively manage their work. Wildlife Impact offers needs-based funding to cover impact analysis of projects with small budgets. Projects that use our Impact Analysis service receive additional benefits, including capacity development assistance and promotion to donors and the public via online and traditional outreach.


Capacity Development
mwufDmW_240Our expert teams on primates—and teams we are building for other species—offer emergency assistance, crisis management and training on captive care and reintroduction to projects and governments.

We develop capacity for organizations and individuals via training, mentoring, evaluation and support. We facilitate networking and collaboration among projects, donors, governments and the public.

We develop and administer scientific review committees that provide methodology reviews and technical expertise as a service to reintroduction projects and to donors supporting those projects.

Policy and Advocacy
mC06vHM_240Wildlife Impact works with partners to improve application of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) policies on bushmeat, animal disposition and illegal wildlife trade.

We facilitate meetings to address wildlife crises, and coordinate collaborative action to resolve wildlife conservation and welfare issues. We help projects amplify their voices on conservation and welfare issues internationally and locally through media and public outreach.