Capacity Development

Wildlife Impact’s capacity development program is designed to be flexible to serve the needs of partner organizations and their staff, and to address key issues. Our program aims to develop capacity for organizations and individuals. We can deliver capacity development via mentorship programs, regional or local training, online/virtual training, coaching and other tools. Coaching, scholarships to capacity development training, and other capacity development services are offered as a benefit to projects that have undergone an Impact Analysis or Outcome Evaluation Framework.


  • Our expert teams on primates—and teams we are building for other species—offer emergency assistance, crisis management and training on the captive care of rescued wildlife to projects and governments.
  • We develop capacity for organizations and individuals via training, mentoring, evaluation and support. We facilitate networking and collaboration among projects, donors, governments and the public.
  • We create and administer scientific committees to provide methodology reviews and technical expertise as a service to reintroduction projects and to donors supporting those projects.

Current Capacity Development Programs

ofjLVXi_240Wildlife Impact administers an Ape Reintroduction Committee (ARC). The committee is an independent body composed of experts on ape reintroduction issues and science. Its goals are to provide independent scientific review of ape reintroduction methodologies and to serve as a resource for great ape and gibbon reintroduction projects and to donors supporting those projects. We work to raise public awareness on reintroduction costs, benefits and best practices, in conjunction with the ARC.

Wildlife Impact is pursuing the development of additional reintroduction scientific review committees, beginning with monkeys and prosimians. Development of committees will be based on need and interest, staff availability and resources. In the short term we will build a list of relevant experts who can be contacted as needs arise.

Veterinary and animal health
mwugE1M_240We are seeking funding to offer scholarships for staff of primate-related conservation and welfare projects to attend a veterinary workshop in 2016. Wildlife Impact is working with partners to build a credentialed wildlife veterinary training program in conjunction with universities in developing countries.

We are building a roster of experts on primates and other species to provide emergency assistance, crisis management and training on the captive care of rescued wildlife as needs arise.


Animal care/welfare
Wildlife Impact is producing factsheets on the ecology and care of key wildlife species, based on needs and advice from partner projects, advisors and our steering committee.

We are available to provide training on species’ captive care and ecology to customs agents, government authorities, wildlife conservation or welfare projects, and others who receive confiscated wildlife.

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