nXOiaN8_240Wildlife Impact is based in Oregon, USA. We are a tax-exempt nonprofit under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

We offer services to projects that seek to create measurable positive impacts on wildlife conservation and welfare or wildlife law enforcement in developing countries.

Wildlife Impact is not a membership organization. To ensure independence, Wildlife Impact adheres to the following Conflict of Interest Policy:

“Individuals who work or worked for a project, or have a relative or spouse who works for a project that uses the Organization’s evaluation services, including any individuals who serve in an advisory capacity to the Organization, must declare a conflict of interest and recuse themselves from any Wildlife Impact Board or advisory body votes or other decisions or review relating to the evaluation of this project.  Decisions include official Board actions as well as those with employees, directors or advisors of the project, whether in an individual or serial framework, in person or via telephonic or electronic means.  An individual cannot be a key employee of Wildlife Impact and of an interested project or project organization at the same time.”  Note:  Interested project means a project or organization that uses Wildlife Impact’s evaluation services.