Policy and Advocacy

Wildlife Impact advocates for wildlife conservation and welfare and responds to issues brought by our partner organizations. We gather input from partners on issues to be addressed in international forums, and serve as voice for wildlife at these high-level forums. We work with partners to conduct outreach to governments, corporations and other decision-makers on wildlife protection, and can provide direct government outreach in situations where local organizations cannot.

shutterstock_233505781_200Wildlife Impact works with convention parties and partners to advocate for better enforcement of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). This convention is charged with overseeing the international trade in rare and endangered species and animal products including bushmeat, trophies and medicinal products.

Better monitoring and protection for great apes (gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans) and other primates is one of our current priorities.

We develop and disseminate materials for public and government outreach and provide capacity development on conservation issues and action.

Wildlife Impact advocates for:


  • improved protection of wildlife and natural habitats;
  • enforcement of CITES and other laws protecting wildlife and animal welfare;
  • an end to the trade of wildlife as pets or companion animals;
  • scientific review and assessment of reintroduction programs to promote best practices; and
  • use of evidence-based solutions to issues threatening the wildlife of the developing world.

We will be making presentations at conferences and symposia. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and check our news page for updates on where we’ll be next.

Coordination and facilitation
Wildlife Impact can serve as a facilitator among stakeholders and a coordinator of processes that meet our mission.

We can help! Contact Julie@wildlifeimpact.org if you could use our assistance with an issue or situation relating to wildlife conservation and welfare in a developing country.