Recycle electronics to save rainforests and wildlife

???????????????????????????????Coltan is a mineral mined in the Congo basin rainforests and used in small electronics and medical devices. This mining destroys the rainforest habitats of Critically Endangered gorillas, Endangered chimpanzees, elephants and other wildlife. Coltan is refined for use in nearly all cell phone, laptop and pagers. Learn more about coltan from National Geographic, Cellular News and ABC News. Coltan is recyclable. But you can also extend the life of your small electronics to lessen demand for new devices.
– Click here for information on cell phone company buyback, refurbishment and recycling programs.
– Find cell phone recycling near you via Eco-Cell and Shelter Alliance.  Many zoos have cell phone collection and recycling programs. Check with your local AZA, EAZA or WAZA accredited zoo.